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Welcome to my blog, filled to the brim with randomness, craftiness, a touch of
self-deprecation, and the (occasional) bit of sarcasm. I'm an Illustrator based out
of Ohio, who enjoys reading biographies about people with far more interesting
lives than my own, anything pink, allowing The History Channel to put me into
a trance-like state, vintage wallpaper, funnel cakes from the Springfield Antique
Show & Flea Market, glitter, Turner Classic Movies, and the occasional drool
over all things 'etsy'.
Thanks so much for visiting me here in my little corner of the Midwest. And,
because you've traveled such a long, long distance, I'll try my best to keep
you entertained while I continue to spread joy (or not) throughout the world.
Take care, and have a fab-u-lous day!
xo Deirdre