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August 04, 2012


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Anna my darling, you may have as many as you want! I believe your birthday is in a few months, is it not? Perhaps you will find a package from "across the pond" at your doorstep!
Thank you for leaving such a nice comment, precious!

These are so beautiful and such a wonderful idea. I need all these flowers in my life. Stunning work me dear. Hope you are well x

Hahahaha, Lynne! are more than welcome to have whatever I have left, as I am SURE they would look better in your treehouse instead of clustered around my mirror! (I'll assume you would rather not arm wrestle for your treehouse, so I'll let you off the hook!) Thanks so much for stopping by, I truly do appreciate it! xo

I adore those flowers!!! Beautiful work!!!! I think they would look great on our treehouse refrigerator. Hmmmm. Stunning !!!

Miss Ruth,
Thanks so much for your comment! You know, I was debating doing just that. Of course, that would mean drawing more of the damn things, and I don't know if I have it in me! (Actually, maybe I'll doodle around with it this weekend. ;)
xoxoxo, me

Thanks so much for your nice comment, Kathy! I truly appreciate it! Have a fantastic weekend-;)
xoxo Deirdre

Beautiful! (love your mirror too!)

Oh my oh my. These are truly fabulous. I want!!! Would make a present look wonderful -- that is IF one could stand to part with such a beauty.


Ooo, you should make these into fabric patterns on Spoonflower!

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